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With micro-transactions already existing in the Chinese version of Diablo 3, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it came along to Diablo 4 as well. In the Western Market, microtransactions that significantly impact the game are frowned upon. In China and other parts of Asia, being able to pay for experience boosts and items is pretty much the norm and likely expected with the new Diablo release.

The idea of pay-to-win isn’t a new concept in the franchise as players have essentially been doing it since Diablo 2 via the black market.

The issue of morality comes in when a large game company wants to charge for instant gratification, which can seem predatory towards younger people or those addicted to a certain game. In any case, Official will likely continue to step it up as other companies normalize it.

Cosmetic Upgrades Confirmed

While most Official employees have been avoiding the topic, there has one relatively unnoticed interview with Joe Shely about micro-transactions. It boils down to him saying that it will be a vanilla game upon launch with planned expansions in the future, just like Diablo 3. He also blurted out that there will be microtransactions for cosmetic items from the start.

The big sigh of relief for original Diablo fans is that in-game power or experience cannot be purchased with in-game items, as reinforced by multiple interviews. This could always change, and more likely so in the Chinese market, but the prospect of cosmetic upgrades is relatively harmless.

No Auction House Confirmed

As multiple articles have confirmed, there won’t be an auction house upon launch like there was with Diablo 3. This is most likely due to the backlash the original game received, and they most likely want to bring back the original fans of Diablo 2. It can only be assumed that the original barter system will make a come back like in early games.

While the original auction house idea implemented gold trading, they also had real-world transactions so that people wanting to sell their items could do so legally and officially. This was likely to keep people off platforms like eBay or item selling websites and funnel some income back into the community.

Of course, not only were items hyper-inflated in the beginning, most players got bored and dropped out after their first month. Some people also harshly criticized Official that would originally ban players for making RWT transactions in their other games and saw this as a cash grab more than anything.

Other games like W0W and Runescape implemented legal RWT trading in the form of tokens or bonds for game time. These methods were more passive while the original auction house was rather direct, almost as if it were eBay.

Without Player Trading?

There are rumors in the Offcial forums and elsewhere that Diablo 4 will not have trading to mitigate gold farmers and other nefarious activity. While this is the sort of decision that won’t affect single players, this could create a divide in the existing community. Many players have already expressed that they won’t be buying the game without some form of trading present.

Fortunately, this had recently been debunked that there will be player-to-player trading like in Diablo 3 but without any auction house. They have expressed that they want some way to control it so that it won’t disrupt the economy as it has in games like Diablo 2. The way they want to control it is up for interpretation as no specifics were given.

In case you didn’t know, the way trading usually works in Diablo is between two players while in town and nowhere else. Both players will put their items up in a trade screen and click accept when the terms are met. It is very similar to Runescape or Path of Exile in that regard.

One possibility is setting up trade limits for items so that there are no unfair trades, similarly to what Runescape did to reduce RWT or scamming. This could be a disaster, but with the right algorithms, it could be just the type of controls the community needs. In any case, there is only speculation and the development team only knows what’s going to happen at launch.

Final Thoughts

Diablo 4 will be released for both PC and consoles, so Official will have to find a way to make both types of players happy. If trading and gameplay work out, they may be able to redeem themselves from the fiascos of Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal. Good Luck, everyone.

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