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The Economy of Diablo Immortal

Even with the drama surrounding the initial announcement of Diablo Immortal, the mobile equivalent of D3, it is still a viable game going forward. It will probably be more popular in the Asian market more than anywhere else, but there is still potential with the original player base in North America and Europe.

One of the biggest factors that could make it successful, aside from combat gameplay, will be how the economy will work. In previous Diablo games, trade mostly consisted of bartering with other players, adding more of a social dynamic than games that implemented auction houses or exchanges.

The strict barter system in Diablo 2 did have the downfall of making in-game currency practically useless, and people used odd items like gems, runes or jewelry as a means of storing and transferring wealth.

At the start of Diablo 3, developers tried to fix this by adding an auction house that used both gold and real-life money for players to sell their goods. After several months, both types of auction houses were taken out due to its devastating the economy and it went back to bartering like in Diablo 2.

What will the economy be like in Diablo Immortal?

There isn’t concrete evidence that the old system of bartering will be in Diablo Immortal, but if it’s similar to Diablo 3 like most gameplay footage alludes, we can assume that it would also be the same in that regard.

According to an examination of a Official Meeting over Diablo Immortal, Veiled Crystals appear to be a significant part of in-game currency. Some details make it seem that it may be purchased with real-life money for in-game upgrades, or it may be a cornerstone of a bartering item, just like runes or gems were used in Diablo 2.

Aside from these small leaks, the economy is entirely speculative for the time being. If other Official games are indicators of things to come, the economy will probably be hands-off by Official aside from thwarting cheaters. The biggest surprise is if trading would be disabled in general, ruining the spirit of the item-based economy of Diablo.

RWT Upgrades?

Similar to how Diablo 3 was rolled out in China, there are plenty of signs that there will be real-life transactions for in-game upgrades in Diablo Immortal. This included boosted experience rates, rare items, cosmetic item skins, and character skins. Some may call this a pay-to-win situation, but it’s not abnormal for mobile games, and especially in Asia.

It is assumed that Veiled Crystals will be used for RWT upgrades or as a currency similar to runes, jewelry or Forum Gold. Another theory is that Official will try to compete with D2JSP in selling a currency that can be used for the player economy.

Keeping in mind that publishing platforms like Microsoft or Nintendo are cracking down on loot crates and implementing certain restrictions. If anything, we can use their guidelines as a reference as the worst-case scenario on how Official will implement some sort of RWT loot crates or upgrades. Other games should also follow suit, assuming that large companies will hold strong on their loot crate policies.

The Gameplay of Diablo Immortal

The Gameplay of Diablo Immortal is seemingly identical to Diablo 3 but optimized for touch screens of mobile phones and tablets. It will probably be more comparable to console versions, particularly the Nintendo Switch, as it will have a directional joystick and ability buttons – it shouldn’t be a surprise with the limited capabilities of a mobile device.

It’s still unknown if there will be support for external controllers, mice or keyboards, but it’s a possibility since most mobile devices can connect with a wireless Bluetooth one. It would be advantageous since the core or Diablo fans are hardcore players and would probably wouldn’t like being limited by the touch screen.

When Is It Getting Released?

Unfortunately, Official hasn’t given us a realistic timeframe on when DI is getting released, and even Chinese consumers are getting impatient. There is a chance that the project is on the back burner since fans reacted badly to the initial announcement and resources are pushing a Diablo 4 release shortly.

Wrapping Up

Diablo Immortal was probably not intended to be a flagship game by Official and is probably a re-release of Diablo 3 aimed towards the Asian market. If you are looking for a casual, phone-based game it’s probably worth it. If you want a full-fledged PC gaming experience, you probably should wait for Diablo 4. Good Luck, everyone.