Blizzard reveals details of the new enemies of ‘Diablo 4’ Mar-04-2020

Blizzard promised in November 2019 to reveal new details of his expected ‘Diablo 4’ in the coming months and has gradually been keeping his word. Now we get information related to a new family of enemies that we will see in the game which will be called: the cannibals.

The classification system of the enemies in ‘Diablo 4’ will be different from that of their predecessor, since in the 2012 game the enemies did not have much relationship between them. In this new installment to the open world being with different zones, each one of them will be full of different threats that will require different strategies to be able to defeat them and keep moving forward.

The cannibals within ‘Diablo 4’

As for this new type of enemies, the cannibals do not have ranged attacks, but they will be deadly in close combat due to their speed and forcefulness when attacking us. In total we will have four types of cannibals, each of them will have a type of weapon and a posture that will allow them to be differentiated.

This type of rivals will have two standard melee fighters, one equipped with a powerful knife and a halberd that will allow you to jump over the players. The other will be equipped with two batons with spikes that will stun us and leave the ground ready for the pawns to finish off.

Blizzard commented that the best strategy to defeat these enemies will be to identify the right moment to start the attack. The history of these enemies comes from the Adult Steppes, where many bodies with the only source of food for which these beings had to give up their humanity to continue living one more day.

Voidk remind you that ‘Diablo 4’ will go on sale for PS4, PC and Xbox One on a date not yet revealed by Blizzard, it is expected to see the game at BlizzCon 2020.