Blizzard shares bad news about the release date of Diablo 4 Jul-14-2020

Blizzard shared bad news about the release date of Diablo 4. When Blizzard announced the game last year, many assumed that the game version was not too far away. At the time, however, Blizzard noted that she wasn't talking about the game's release because she was still a long way off. It seems that this has not changed. In a new update, Blizzard confirmed that the game is not only in the "early" development stages, but also in the "very early" stages. In fact, it is not even in an alpha state yet.

Unfortunately, the game's release details end here. However, it's not only a safe bet to say the game won't launch in 2020, but it doesn't even look like 2021 is on the table. Are we going to see the competition in 2022? Maybe, but this also depends on how ambitious the title is and how much time Blizzard will spend on quality assurance and polishing. It also has very few platforms to bring the game when it enters the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It's easy to imagine the game sliding past 2022, but it's probably not considered the game's announcement and development for PS4 and Xbox One. Unless these versions are eliminated, it's hard to imagine that Blizzard will release the PS4 and Xbox One game in 2023. The next-generation release schedule should get underway by 2023, and you'll be crazy to charge a big final budget - gene or gene cross in the middle.

Diablo 4 under development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. At the time of publication, there was no word for Nintendo Switch or Next Generation Ports. However, as the game doesn't seem to be launching anytime soon, it can safely be assumed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are in preparation.

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