Diablo 4: How the "Always Internet" system will work May-22-2020

While there is still much to learn about the world of RPG Diablo IV from Blizzard Entertainment, one of the most controversial elements is the claim that Diablo IV uses a permanent online world. The five regions that make up the game always need an internet connection, but that doesn't mean you have to play with others. This is what we know so far.

Diablo IV is always online

When PC Gamer chief designer Joe Gely asked if Diablo IV could be played offline, he replied: "There is a lot of space, smooth, connected and shared in the world, you descend into dungeons and get together with your friends, trade and PvP. " We believe that the best way to experience is in an online world. "

PvP appears to be enabled, based on some comments from Blizzard so far. When it comes to PvE, we know that world leaders need multiple players to beat. Apart from these bosses in the world, you can set up dungeons as private and don't worry about other players wandering through your campaign in key areas. As such, Diablo IV is not an MMO game.

If you choose to run the campaign with others, progress will be synchronized with the party host. This means you can help your friends in their campaign before you return to your own campaign, or you can play all together.

Many Diablo players undoubtedly remember the catastrophic launch of Diablo III and the infamous Error 37 screen. We hope Blizzard can prevent this situation from occurring when Diablo IV arrives.

Diablo IV will not be launched anytime soon

Diablo IV has no launch window, not to mention the release date. As new updates are released we will continue to cover them. When Diablo IV is finally released, it will be available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. No next-generation console support has been mentioned.

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