Diablo 4 needs improvement on this Diablo 3 mechanic Sep-01-2020

As a type of game, RPGs have a reputation for being a waste of time. Any RPG fan is likely to share a memory of grinding in their favorite game, gaining experience and loot to make their character as strong as possible for a big mission or showdown. Of course, there are always limits to someone's progress - you can only get very strong while still finding a challenge in the game. However, the level cap is not always the end. For example, Diablo 3 introduced a kind of prestige system known as Paragon Levels. Even after reaching level 70, every little experience in Diablo 3 is important, bringing the player a little closer to the next valuable Paragon level.

Diablo 4 is doing its best to be a solid successor to Diablo 3, and if the first clues are something to throw away, it has a chance. The late Diablo 4 is intentionally sketchy at this point, and there's a word Blizzard is still working on how it'll look. However, in the interest of dedicated fans, it would be wise for Blizzard to reintroduce something like Paragon's system to this game. While some changes are encouraged or requested, they would be a great way to make high-level gameplay more meaningful. As exciting as it may be to finally get that coveted piece of loot the top tier of a boss while grinding, it's more beneficial when the fight itself matters too.

Paragon levels out value

The philosophy behind Paragon Levels is simple. Each Paragon level earns player points that they can spend on all kinds of stats to give their character a permanent bonus for that stat, while the options range from broad stuff like Vitality to specific stats like Critical Hit Damage. While simple, it is an uncomplicated and valuable way to reward the player for grinding and putting extra hours into Diablo 3, even when the character is at max level. While there are limits to certain stats, there is no maximum for Paragon levels so you can get stronger.

A game like Diablo benefits a lot from a system like this. When encouraging players to keep playing the game to earn new loot and try new designs with the aforementioned loot, it's a good idea to make sure that XP is still important in some way so that the combat value does not decrease. Considering how long it is likely to take for Diablo 4 to release, such a slowing game progression system is also important to the game's lifespan. Chances are, after this game comes out, it will be several more years until Diablo 5. By giving players as many ways as possible to progress while getting as strong as possible, Diablo 4 will remain strong as its predecessor was.

Obstacles to overcome

However, there is some work to be done with a late game system as Diablo 4 will be a very different experience from its predecessor. For example, Diablo 4 will have special PvP regions, an addition that will disappoint PvP players in Diablo 3. Dedicated players or veterans may have an unfair advantage over new players with Paragon levels. Since it can be used to improve all characters in the account, warriors can trick new players with ostensibly new characters and clear the floor with them. PvP should only use basic character levels, indicate Paragon levels of justice, or make Paragon function completely differently.

In fact, a significantly different prestige system could be better overall. Paragon levels may not raise everyone a second time, even if they are effective. Blizzard can explore some possibilities, such as gradual access to unique runes or secondary bonus abilities instead of flat runes, but balancing can be difficult. Another more bizarre possibility is that a blizzard could try to use experience as a kind of "Diablo currency." Once players reach the top tier of their class, they can turn experience into some sort of resource spent on things like unlocking bonus breakouts or cliff-like challenges, making some more profit from crunching.

Blizzard clearly changes the formula a bit with Diablo 4, with things like improved PvP and open-world elements suggesting that Diablo 4 will be a step in a new direction. This is definitely exciting for the future of the series, but we hope Blizzard will remember trying something new towards the end of the game. At the very least, it should bring back the successful system for the late game experience to matter.