Diablo 4: New franchise boss finds art by Diablo disturbingly beautiful Mar-11-2020

"Diablo 4 will be dark and brutal like no Diablo before!" At least that's what Blizzard developers promised us at BlizzCon 2019. Whether story, game world or gameplay - the development team of Diablo 4 has no limits when it comes to design. The next part of Diablo should find its way back to its dark roots, after all, countless fans of the devilish action RPG series at Diablo 3 have complained about the bright colors, the moderate history and the rather comic game world.

The successor, for whom there is no release date yet, should do everything differently. Lilith, the mystical mother of mortals, is the villain and the central figure of Diablo 4. After Diablo's demise in the third part, she and her brood cause a sensation and bring the world to the brink of annihilation. Of course, bright colors and idyllic locations have lost nothing in such a doomsday scenario. "In Diablo 4 there will be no heroes' sanctuaries." the developers follow up with the presentation of the first artworks from the fourth part of the Diablo series.

This is now confirmed by the new boss of Diablo 4. In March 2020, Rod Fergusson took over the helm for the development of the Diablo games. Fergusson has an excellent reputation in the gaming industry and some Diablo fans already see him as a "savior" of the popular "Hack and Slay" RPG. In recent years he has worked on Ureal Tournament 3, BioShock Infinite, Shadow Complex, Gears 5 and many other "Gears of War" parts.

After visiting Blizzard's gigantic Diablo archive on March 2, the developer spoke on Twitter about how impressed he was with the work of the artists and game designers. The umpteen artworks are beautiful and nightmarish at the same time, he admits.

We are surprised, after all, Fergusson should be used to violence and bloody scenes from his work on the "Gears of War" game series. In the cover shooter, there are also so many unsightly ways to bless the temporal that one should definitely expect a strong stomach from the developers. With its high splatter factor, Diablo 4 should easily outshine its predecessors in terms of brutality and blood. Blizzard has also noted that there will be no happy ending for mortals this time. Is the end of the world really waiting for us in Diablo 4?