Diablo 4 - preview Dec-21-2019

This is undoubtedly the hottest announcement this year. Although there is plenty of time until the premiere of Diablo 4, we know quite a lot about it.

The fourth part of the cult series was announced during the November BlizzCon. Blizzard has prepared for this occasion an extensive, phenomenally prepared trailer that introduced us to the plot and atmosphere of the new game. The story will revolve around the figure of Lilit, i.e. a demon who is the daughter of Mephisto himself, brought to the Sanctuary by a group of unfortunates. The authors announce that this will be only the beginning of a long story, which seems to be broken into several parts or will be expanded through extensive additions.

One of the first things that catches the eye after seeing the new Diablo is a much darker atmosphere than the one presented in the "three". Blizzard listened to players who quite unanimously complained about the excessive sweetness of the previous installment. This time, the color palette will be much more subdued, and the atmosphere thick so that it can be cut ... with an ax.

Diablo 4 will be a hack'n'slashem in the old, good style, but focused on having fun with other players (although of course you can also play it alone). Each session will be shared, although this does not mean the constant presence of live companions. They will join us during special events, and sometimes we will decide whether to join us. Either way, the game will require constant access to the network.

There will be five characters to choose from in Diablo 4, but only three of them have been confirmed so far: barbarian, druid and sorceress. According to rumors, they will be joined by a paladin and an Amazon, and after the premiere - a necromancer. It can be said that the genre's classic, although certainly a lot of news will be noticed during the development of the character. We will develop not only skills, but also talents placed on a separate tree that will allow us to further personalize our character. And since we are talking about personalization, it is worth mentioning that we will be able to decide on the appearance of the hero - skin color, hairstyle, jewelry and other characteristic elements.

The revolution was planned in the construction of the game world, which from now on we can traverse in a non-linear way. In total, we will be able to traverse five areas: Scosglen, Shattered Peaks, Dry Steppes, Hawezar and Kedystan. The area of ??the game will be even twenty times larger than that of Diablo 3! However, traveling will be faster thanks to the introduction of mounts. The authors also promise that during exploration we will not experience loading screens. If they succeed in this art, I will be impressed.

Diablo 4 is created based on a completely new graphics engine, which allowed the creators, for example, to introduce a dynamic camera. This sometimes moves away to show a larger area, at other times it will lower, showing the horizon, and at other times it will make a spectacular close-up. The new technology also allowed the creators to spectacularly show details such as hair, hair, skin and blood. I must admit that the materials shown so far are spectacular.

Finally, the most important question - when will Diablo 4 hit stores? Blizzard did not provide an official release date, but announced that the game will appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so you can hope to debut next year, before the next genes premiere. Although it cannot be excluded that the developers are working on the version for the current and the next generation of consoles at the same time and that we will play it only in 2021.