Diablo 4 will be the best game thanks to Rod Ferguson Feb-25-2020

In the end, the change may be what the Diablo franchise needs to maintain its fan base and move in a positive direction.

Rod Fergusson, the gaming giant who spearheaded the Gears of War franchise trend, recently left Microsoft and The Coalition to lead the direction of the Diablo franchise. The move came as a shock to many, due to their dedication to a third-person shooter franchise, but it may be what the Diablo franchise needs to keep its fans and move in a positive direction.

With the launch of Diablo IV ahead of us, Ferguson can take responsibility for the best. After all, the guy has an impressive resume. Among the well-reviewed Gears of War series, which works at BioShock Infinite in Irrational Games, the Fergusson game catalog he worked on is commendable. It is safe to say that any project is likely to benefit from the addition. The Diablo franchise is probably no exception.

In fact, your leadership may be particularly important with the launch of Diablo IV. In recent years, the Diablo franchise has not received the highest appreciation from fans. When Diablo III was released on the PC in 2012 and in 2013, it faced a series of technical problems that prevented it from being the promised game. The game has been fixed (for the most part) now, but even with its first updates, the game was split among fans by several factors, including the disappointing final game.

Obviously, the announcement of the Diablo mobile game was also not very exciting for fans. Diablo Immortal may be another entry in the beloved franchise, but that is not expected by many.

Ferguson can join in due course. Ferguson is not necessarily famous for designing gameplay concepts, but he’s great at leading and selling a lot of franchises, as you see at the head of the Gears of War franchise. His portfolio, which includes Gears of War and smaller, but successful titles, like the Shadow Complex, shows that he knows how to lead a project for success. His efforts on the Diablo series are expected to have the same result. So let's look forward to the arrival of Diablo 4 and buy Diablo IV Gold here!