Diablo Immortal - Preview, Role Playing, Android, iPad, iPhone Dec-25-2019

At the launch of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard Entertainment stepped into pretty much every little thing you can imagine - corresponding memes can also be found in abundance online a year later. At BlizzCon2019, Diablo Immortal therefore lived in the shadows and shone at the opening ceremony due to absence. Nevertheless, you could try the game for Android, iPhone and iPad - and we did that or buy Diablo Immortal Gold.

"Do you guys not have phones?"

Diablo Immortal is located between the events of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3. The world stone lies in shards and its fragments spoil the country. Diablo's servants try to use this power to bring the Lord of Terror to Sanctuary again. Once again, humanity is to be subjected, which of course some heroes are supposed to prevent.

Diablo 3 lite for on the go

You can choose between six classes: barbarian, monk, magician, demon hunter, crusader and necromancer. Only the witch doctor is missing, then this list would correspond exactly to the classes from Diablo 3. Many of the fighters' skills are based on the third part of Diablo. The barbarian swings his ancestor's hammer or jumps in the middle of the action and unleashes his whirlwind there. The monk distributes the blow of the seven fists. The magician summons meteors and can teleport himself, while the demon hunter with the hail of revenge provides constant area damage. His "daring swing", with which he can swing himself to a place nearby, is new. The same applies to the "Ultimates" of every class. They are charged by the automatic standard attacks of each class and can be triggered if necessary.

The Barbarian Ultimate reinforces e.g. the Rip Skill increases attack range, knocks back enemies, and steals life from them each time they are hit. The demon hunter gets a stronger crossbow shot, so each attack can hit multiple enemies. The "thundering fists" become more powerful in monks due to the lightning flow. Each attack teleports the monk to the opponent and a thunderstorm is generated every time an opponent is defeated. The magician improves the "electric shock" and increases the number of targets that lightning can jump onto - and you move while attacking.

"Ultimates" should be used to kill bosses or large swarms of opponents. There are no other combat resources like in Diablo 3. Barbarians don't need anger to start an attack, and demon hunters don't need hate / discipline. There are only the slow-charging Ultimates and other abilities, each with a cooldown.

The controls on the touchscreen

The character and his actions are controlled with two touchscreen controls in the lower left and lower right corners. With the left element, which is reminiscent of a virtual "Circle Pad", you control the movement of the character. So you move a circle (in a circle) up-right and the character moves up-right. If you hold the thumb longer in one direction, the figure moves there permanently. The motion control is simple and good, but the collision query needs to be improved. Too often my barbarian got stuck unnecessarily on tombstones, roots, fences or in narrow passages, which sowed doubts about the precision of the controls.