Diablo IV's concept art is "pretty and nightmarish", says director Mar-18-2020

Rod Fergusson, director of Diablo IV, shares his first impressions on the concept art of Diablo 4 and assures that they are beautiful and disturbing images.

Rod Fergusson, the former director of The Coalition, studio in charge of the Gears saga, recently changed his job to become part of the Diablo IV development team at Blizzard. Through his personal Twitter he has shared his first impressions after seeing the concept arts of Diablo IV, which is currently in development and will soon be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you need gold come VOIDK!

What do we know about Diablo IV for now?

Fergusson praises the talent of the art team and acknowledges that the images in the title he has seen are "very beautiful but disturbing" and "nightmare fuel." Since he cannot teach us the material directly, we must be content with his words and the Imagine what the new aspect of the fourth installment of the Diablo saga will be like. For now, we already have several advances, trailers and even statements by the development team in reference to the fact that they were inspired by the manga of Junji Ito to elaborate the aspect of the game .

In the playable section it has been confirmed that we will have 3 classes in Diablo IV: barbarian, sorceress and druid. The first one has tank characteristics and is perfect for hand-to-hand combat thanks to its resistance and life. In the case of the enchantress, it is just the opposite, as it focuses on ranged combat and the management of spells such as ice rays, fireballs and more. Finally, the druid is a metamorph who fights thanks to his staff and has the possibility of transforming into a bear and a werewolf. All of these classes will have their own skill, talent, and rune trees, allowing each player to configure their character the way they prefer.

On the other hand, we also know that Diablo IV will have cosmetic expansions and microtransactions: "We have several solid ideas on how to make the exchange viable without altering the game," said Allen Adham, executive producer of the video game. Explain that players will have some specific options on how to do things in that regard. For example, it refers to the possibility of negotiating and exchanging in specific areas of cities. Even so, we will have to wait until the final arrival of the game to check how this system will work.