Impact of Diablo 4 delay Apr-02-2020

Blizzard may lose momentum by waiting too long for the launch of Diablo 4, as breakout games will not last forever. In addition, the fan community already has a suitable Diablo game in the form of a fully supported refugee path, which means that delaying the next entry in the iconic series can be a fatal mistake.

Recently, Blizzard has received a lot of criticism for its unpopular decisions in both games and politics. Even Diablo 4 itself is the subject of alarming rumors and reports. For example, the creative process behind the add-on is said to have restarted from the beginning. At some point, Diablo 4 was designed to be an RPG model similar to Dark Souls, which could be a disaster for longtime fans if introduced. Fortunately, the development team finally returns to the roots of the series when it reappeared in the BlizzCon 2019 series, the first right revealing sequel. Unfortunately, the path to the expected ad was covered with questionable measures that would have expelled even the most loyal fan.

Two original games, Diablo 4 returns to dark and dark visions with annoying aesthetics. This is a welcome starting point for Diablo 3's animation style, which remains by far one of the game's weakest points. However, the turbulent development of rejected ideas suggests that the studio hasn't had a clear plan for Diablo 4 for some time. At BlizzCon 2018, "April Fool's joke out of season," the company decided to reveal its Diablo Immortal ring by postponing the actual announcement of Diablo 4, and these feelings only worsened when they realized that the "real" sequel was still a long way off. A year later, at BlizzCon 2019, the movie trailer takes almost 10 minutes to showcase the series' return to its dark, dark roots to satisfy some angry fans.

Long inhibition of Diablo 4 can be a mistake

The current Diablo 4 game looks promising, but an additional delay can negatively impact the prediction and reception of the title. Given rumors that the game has been in development for years, the worst decision Blizzard could make is to launch the game in a year or two. There is probably a lot of work left, which is very important. Although the team has already provided the required visual style, it may not be enough. To prevent history from repeating itself, Blizzard must ensure that Diablo 4 does not have an unbalanced auction to seize money as a commercialization option. Second, the development team must already have a plan in place for additional content and continued support, otherwise Diablo 4 is in danger of falling victim to broken hopes and broken dreams.

Wolcen's latest breakthrough: Lords of Mayhem could serve as a warning message to Blizzard. The popularity of this explosive but rapidly fading game shows that there is still a fair demand for Diablo-esque video games, but it will not last forever if these games are poorly presented and lack the necessary features. With Diablo 4, the audience is also running out of waiting. The best follow-up scenario is this year's edition, and based on the game mode already in play, it could happen very close to the holiday season.

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