The data updates the new areas of Diablo 4 in the open world Jun-28-2020

Diablo 4 is still coming in Blizzard’s mysterious future without an exact release date, but in the meantime, the studio will keep us updated on progress through promised quarterly updates. The latest development update provides new insights into how the Dungeon crawler handles elements such as storytelling, open world elements, and multiplayer without affecting the Diablo feel. Here is all the new information we’ve learned about the update from Diablo 4. Becomes one of the most ambitious Blizzard games ever, a monster that is completely different from Diablo 3.

Diablo 4 storytelling

Blizzard began by researching how storytelling methods change. Diablo 3 used character portraits to convey dialogue, but the studio tries to bring the camera closer to the characters so you can see the conversations directly. Some conversations rely on the public animation library, while more sophisticated conversations include handmade animations.

Blizzard plans to use real-time scenes for key moments in the story. This allows the corners to be more cinematic, but it still seems to own all the visual elements, such as the plates currently equipped. It should keep the game embedded more than in pre-made movie theaters.

Setting Up Camps

Blizzard also said he was pleased to try to play by adding more camps. These are premium sites hijacked by hordes of demons, but once cleared, they become friendly sites with NPCs and a waypoint. According to the studio, the storytelling in the camps is mostly visible, but you can gather parts of the events in these places by looking at the surroundings. The camp, for example, was a town damaged by a curse that turned villagers into salt piles. The last was a basement floor driven by a skeleton.

The camps will help you gain a foothold in an area off-campus and are designed to encourage exploration in the open world. Blizzard found that in his game experiments, which focused only on story issues, less than half the average time was spent by others who dealt with the page.

Multiplayer (but not heavily)

Diablo 4's multiplayer aims to integrate other players into the game more seamlessly, but to a limited extent. For example, once the story is complete, cities will become social hubs, but you will only have a few other actors in your city at any one time. You can also encounter strange players here or there while you’re on the go. The largest group of players is in major global events, such as trying to defend a point or attack a big boss. If you find yourself wandering around a party, you can just complete the event, collect prizes and leave for your day.

Blizzard said it’s important not to make multiplayer so big because he doesn’t want the game to look like an MMO game. He said this is a "philosophy, not a limitation of technology" simply because the game will stop "feeling like Diablo" if you see a lot of players.  More diablo 4 news in VOidk!