Tips from Diablo II Remaster May-15-2020

Are we finally getting a new copy of Diablo II? It's been five years since Blizzard first gave us a hint that they planned to rewrite some of their old surnames. They managed, if not always, to achieve with unambiguous success.

Remaster StarCraft seems to be going well. However, the Warcraft III remaster spoiled that out of the gate.

My pet theory is that someone felt they had to get her out the door when they did what it was more than a year since they told people it was coming. So we have nothing less than a game than the original game. The list of features seems to have shrunk completely.

And if that weren't enough, Blizz seemed very sensitive to the idea that someone might make another DOTA from the script editor, so he claimed to own all the work someone had done in the way that deaf business lawyers tend to do, which always manages to alienate fans.

I had requested it in advance but requested to be refunded my money as soon as the situation is clear although I will give Blizzard a credit as it is easy to get the money back from it.

That brings us to Diablo II. It has been rumored for some time that a Blizzard North team that invented the game mocked the idea, claiming that due to their inefficiency they had lost some of the game's source code and had to recreate it from local versions on dev machines and translated binary files.

That sounds bad, although this message is tainted by the fact that the same few former members of the Blizzard North team seem bitter about how things went and were on top and ready for the silliness of everything related to Diablo that Blizzard has done since , they are gone.

However, that was absolutely cold water on the embers of Hanin Diablo II.

Earlier this week, some news appeared on a French gaming website about a redesign of the title Diablo II Resurrected, which will appear at some point given the asset loss story. This was quickly picked up by English-language websites and the spread of words.

Activision Vicarious Visions Studio has clearly partnered with Blizzard on a remaster, and the news has raised hopes that the long-awaited game return may come in late 2020.

Of course I got scammed here.

I would love to have a redesigned version of Diablo II that was accurately projected into a modern screen without looking like something from 1977. I will undoubtedly buy it when it becomes available.

But after the Warcraft III disaster, many people will take a closer look at Blizzard instead of relying on what they promised (including), including myself. The French website says that Blizzard may have learned the lesson in this area, but everyone says many of them make the same mistakes over and over again.

All this may be premature. Speculation about getting a token version this year may be an estimate of the blue sky. we will see.

But I will keep my eyes open for news on this front. I want that to happen, I want it to be ... I accept enough. I was good with the Diablo edition made by Blizzard in collaboration with GoG. If they can save that? We'll see if I get what I want this time.

At least a few people will be satisfied until Diablo IV arrives ... Do I think 2022 came back when they announced it? This is the voice of truth.